Focused on your success | Creative Suite and Spanish
I'm a multifaceted creative who has a knack for explaining complicated concepts in a way that is easy to understand. I've worked with students at all levels of comprehension and ages. Let's work together to broaden your skills and gain a better understanding of your subject!
I performed Spanish songs for over 30 years, was a bilingual DJ for a Spanish radio station (KSWV), a bilingual ambassador for the city of Santa Fe, NM and took years of 500 level Spanish courses at the University of New Mexico during my undergrad years. I can help Spanish speakers gain confidence with English, and English speakers with Spanish.
With my years of performing, serving as a cultural ambassador and also the Public Information Officer for the Department of Health in New Mexico, I learned how to speak in public well. I can help my students with preparation for public speaking, delivery of speeches and coaching to prepare for question and answer sessions.
Working as a production graphic designer and then Art Director, I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and InDesign in a fast moving, mission critical environment. I regularly trained up new employees and helped them become more effective in their processes using these software programs. We can work together to bolster your knowledge and strength in these tools.
I've been using Photoshop since version 1, and regularly utilize the program for photo retouching, composites, painting and other artistic endeavors. Several of my artistically edited photographs have won awards though the years. Whether you need help with the basics, or you want to get delve deeper into more advanced features, I can help.
Your success is my focus. I will help you feel confident and have success with your education. Let's chat and see if we are a good fit!
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