Mentorship Testimonials
I am so grateful for the instruction that Amanda has provided me with my photography!! When I would be missing the “edge” or photographic advantage that I wanted to create, Amanda not only had the eye for correction, but gave clear and concise things to do to take my portraits to the next level. I found that she would push my boundaries to get me thinking “outside of the box” to create images that surpassed what I was originally seeing! What I also love about her, is that her instructional critiques were always said and offered in such a open and thoughtful way, that I always felt safe and unafraid to get to the truth of what I could be better. She has a lot of knowledge to offer and I am so happy for the results that I have seen in my work through her tutelage!

Karen Floyd | Photographer
San Diego, CA
I can't say better things about my takeaway from 2 hrs with Amanda. My skill level when it comes to computers is basic, intermediate in one of those worlds where everyone gets a participation prize, at least when it comes to anything that is not MS Office related. 
After over 20 years of being a 9-5 office dweller doodling in MS Paint and having decided long ago it was time to take the next step and move onto Adobe CS I finally started to dabble with Illustrator and immediately hit a brick wall. Online tutorials were helpful in picking up some of the lingo but mostly left me with unanswered and new questions (the "what and how do I even ask?" kind of questions).
An expensive extended learning course at a private art college left me in the dark and with really low self esteem but a bigger desire to find the right teacher for me. 
And then because the world is mysterious and lovely I met Amanda. She really took the time to answer all my questions, including the ones I didn't know how to ask. Her skill level is advanced and she is quite intuitive so it wasn't hard for her to know where I was going with my questions. We worked through several exercises and I took extensive written-for-dummies notes so all our work together could continue to guide me when working on my own. Amanda was incredibly respectful of my time (aka money) and worked effectively and efficiently. She came to our session with some tutorials and reference guides already printed out, all of which have proven to be helpful after our meeting. I'm really looking forward to practicing and advancing to the next level so I can continue to learn and grow my Illustrator skills with Amanda.
Songa Kim | Illustrator + Artist
Oakland, CA
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